Friday, 13 February 2015

Getting Ready to Write!

Room 41 writes everyday. We have been working on a lot of non-fiction writing  lately. This term one of the writing projects  is "How to Books".

 One thing we do in Room 41 for writers so that they can be successful when writing on their own is called front loading. Frontloading is giving students lots of supports so when they are ready to write they already have a strong understanding of what is expected.

We began our "How to Book" study by reading and exploring a lot of other how to books. We  then used our ipads and an app called Padlet to take pictures of important text features that "how to" books should have. Features included a strong title, supply lists, clear and descriptive steps, diagrams,  glossary etc. We thought  and talked a lot about what we should include in our own how to books.

Together we brainstormed possible "how to" book ideas and titles. I wrote my own how to book in front of the kids and did lots of talking while I wrote so that they would understand the process a writer goes through.

Then the class wrote a how to book together  entitled "How to be an Amazing Writer". Students were now ready to go out and write their own books. They wrote rough drafts and went through the publishing process.

We  now have an amazing selection of how to books in our classroom library written by us! Titles range from "How to Play Pokemon" to "How to Have a Happy Puppy" to "How to be a Great Friend" and many more.

Here is the Padlet we created while frontloading.

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