Thursday, 12 March 2015

Polar Bear Measurement

In math we have been connecting to our overall theme of the Arctic and Polar Bears. It is truly hard to believe how incredibly large a polar bear truly is. We have been measuring out the size and comparing it to things in our classroom to get a better idea.
We have been learning about standard measurement and non standard measurement. To measure a polar bear we would use meters but, to measure the distance a polar bear swims we would use kilometers.

We are using information to create problems as well in math. 
A polar bear can swim 160 km.. 
A large polar bear on it's hind legs would not fit through our door because it could reach nearly 4 meters tall.

This is how far it would stretch on our stairs if on all fours.

But a baby when it is first born is only 30-35 centimeters long. That is about 18 Lego pieces. 

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