Friday, 10 April 2015

Great to be Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break! My break was relaxing and fun with my family but, I am looking forward to the next few months of learning with the class.

Room 41's Polar Bear Celebration was a huge success before our Spring Break!  Thank you to all families for your support in helping to raise $101.00 for Polar Bears International. As well, students and families pledged ways they could make a difference in helping against Global warming by turning off the lights, walking or riding a bike, not idling in the car, turning down the thermostat, using rechargeable batteries and more. As we learn about being conscientious environmental global citizens we have been learning that every bit makes a difference. Every contribution  and every positive action helps our world. Thanks to a generous donation by a parent in a school we were able to all get a special polar bear t shirt. These shirts came home before spring break. 

We are looking forward to our  field trip coming up to the zoo which ties nicely with our past study on Polar Bears. It is April 17th. Field trip forms went home earlier this week. Please return them soon

Students have been busy writing about other endangered animals that interest them during writer's workshop. We have learned that there are 1700 species of plants and animals on the endangered list. We have many writing projects on the go from pandas to tigers to sea horses to elephants. 

In theme studies we have made the connection to the North by studying the Inuit people. We have learned about how their way of life is being affected by global warming. We have also researched how the many innovations created by the Inuit to help them adapt to life in the North. We have begun to work on a mural inspired by the Inuit Artist Elisapee Isultaq to share our learning about life in the Arctic. Learn more about this artist by checking out

In Math, we have been learning about multiplication. We have learned a variety of strategies such as using groups or sets & arrays to solve multiplication problems. We will be moving into division right away. Here is a fun link to a video that demonstrates and breaks down multiplication that you can watch with your child. Watch it and try to find some ways with your child on how and when you would use multiplication. 


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