Friday, 20 November 2015

Our Wonderful Week

We are at the end of term 1 and we are so looking forward to sharing our amazing  work with parents next week. 

Writer's workshop is a very popular time of day in our class. A cheer often goes up when I announce it is time for writing.  Room 41 students have been very busy working on their writing this term. In writer's workshop in the past week we have been working on expanding our ideas in writing and adding more interesting language. We like to call it exploding a moment because we have taken a small everyday moment and described it with great detail as if exploding it. The class has also been eagerly publishing their small moments. 
Students have also been busy setting their own writing goal for next term. 

In theme studies, we have been talking about Peace. Students were busy this week writing peace poems and working on a class mural about peace.

We also got to take part in creating a school community mural. Everyone got a chance to try cutting tile for the mural. Next week, we will continue with this project. We are so excited to see the plan for this school wide project next week & be part of creating it.

On Thursday we had the Kenyan Boys choir perform at Strathmillan. It was wonderful!

Hope to see everyone soon!

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