Friday, 15 September 2017

Week 1 Together

Room 41 has had a fantastic first week back. It has been busy! Students shared their treasures from summer and we all enjoyed listening to each other's summer stories.  We also have started working on our classroom beliefs. We were talking about what Room 41 looks like, sounds like and feels like. Follow us on instagram at strath41 to see more of our activities, learning and fun! Reader's  and Writer's Workshop Reading and writing in Room 41 has started. We have started reading the chapter book The One and Only Ivan. Students have been involved with organizing our classroom library so that they can easily find their favourite books. We have been talking a lot about how great readers choose books and we filled our book boxes with great books. We started learning about letter writing during writer's workshop after reading the book Dear Teacher by Amy Husband. Students are writing a letter to their teacher to help me learn more about their wonders and questions. After reading and discussing The Dot we created Dot inspired art. It was a lot of fun!  Math In math we have been working on representing numbers in a variety of ways. We can use pictures, drawings, tally marks and number equations to represent our numbers. We also have been practising estimation. We played the game target number. We chose a target number and our groups rolled 4 dice. Using E numbers we rolled we tried to make as many number sentences as we could that would equal our target number. 

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