Friday, 15 November 2013

Exploring Patterns

When we are studying a specific area in math I set up about 6-7 centers for the class to circulate through in their teams. One center is always a mental math practice center and the rest are around our math focus for that week. This week through a variety of hands on centers we have been exploring patterning.

Students have been copying, creating and extending patterns. We have been creating movement patterns, smart board patterns, money patterns and increasing/ decreasing patterns.
The amazing thing is that through these centers kids can work at their ability level and needs.  For example, students may be building AB patterns with coins and extending the patterns and other students may be building patterns with coins and then challenging themselves by figuring out the value of their pattern when repeated once, twice or many more times
 We have also been choosing between two mental math games to practice subtracting doubles. Our favourite is called "Walk the Plank". Here are just a few samples from our week.

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