Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Picture Speaks .....

The old adage is "A Picture Speaks a Thousand words" well in room 41 we are saying a Picture speaks a hundred words as we have been creating groups of  a hundred. After reading the book How Much is a Million by David Schwartz we decided to explore how much is a hundred. We have been collecting and counting and grouping objects into hundreds. Like have you ever wondered how far a hundred dominoes could stretch or what a hundred pencil crayons would look like? How far would a hundred words stretch  or your name or a hundred letters.... After exploring this and photographing our findings students began writing and drawing about what they did.  We will continue to explore a hundred.
Here are some pictures of one hundred. We will soon be publishing our very own book! 

At home try creating collections of 100. Try counting them and grouping them in 10s and 20s. Try counting them by 2s and 5s. Try Lego pieces, playing cards, toy cars, plastic bags.... What else can you find? Send me a picture at or bring in your collection to share!

 Have fun counting! 

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  1. Dear Ms. Richardson,

    I am so impressed the way you have woven technology into problem solving, counting and writing! What a purposeful and authentic way to get students thinking about what "one hundred" actually looks like! You are so creative to stretch the learning outside of your classroom by giving families a task to explore with their children! Room 41 is so lucky to have a creative teacher like you!