Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year - Our First Week Back!

Our first week back we began a new math focus. We are working with bigger numbers and building on our understanding of place value. We started new math centers on place value. We also learned about palindromes and have been in search for them. An example of a palindrome is 22 or 616.
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Here are a few pictures of the centers in action this week.

We were working on expanded form. An example of expanded form is representing the number 515 like this 500+10+5.

We are creating our own place value chart showing ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Making groups of tens and building numbers with beads.

Building numbers on our place value chart and playing a card game. We also were reading numbers. Who can make the biggest number? 

Pyramid math game. 

We used a variety of manipulatives like these place value blocks to represent a number and we recorded them in an app called Explain Everything on our iPads. 
Students were able to share their number projects that they made on Explain Everything with the class on the smart board. 

And that was just Math! What a busy week. We certainly worked hard.

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