Friday, 16 October 2015

A Snapshot of our Week

Here we are at mid October already! The time continues to fly by and we continue to be busy learning in Room 41. Students have been bringing home their book bags and are given the opportunity to switch books twice a week on both Tuesday and Thursday. This week we are working on spelling number words correctly and students brought home spelling work around this in their homework folder. Homework is due every Wednesday and then new homework is assigned. We alternate weeks between math work and spelling work. 

We spend the first two periods of our day immersed in math. We have been working on problem solving strategies and place value which we will continue to work on next week. Students are encouraged to think about grouping numbers in hundreds, tens and ones.  Students have been representing numbers in a variety of ways including using manipulatives such as Popsicle sticks, cubes and counters. They have been representing numbers through number sentences, tallies and pictures. We have also been learning about the value of coins and how to count coins. 

In theme studies we have been learning about the Right's of the Child. We have been reading books, writing, sharing our ideas and creating surrounding these Rights. We have had some very thoughtful discussions and students have written some beautiful pieces about what is important to them. We also created some paintings on canvas around this topic. These pieces will be displayed at an event put on by the Lieutenant Govenor of Manitoba next week. It is quite an honour. We look forward to sharing these pieces at the Rembrance Day service next month and of course at parent conferences. 
Here is a little sneak peak of some of them for you...

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