Friday, 9 October 2015

An Eventful Week!

We have been very busy this week learning about citizenship. We began last week  learning about being environmental citizens. As we were listing all the ways we could be good environmental citizens a question came up. 
We recycle plastic bags, we recycle paper and plastic. We also compost. We wondered could we recycle markers? What happens to all those dried up markers in our world? We realized we used a lot of markers. 
In math we figured out that if Ms. Richardson orders 21 packs of markers with 8 markers per pack that means we are using 168 markers a year. Now if 3 classes use 168 markers a year that would make 504 markers a year. That is a a lot of markers. So we researched ways that we could recycle markers. 
We discovered Crayola recycles markers for free.
Please see our class letter below.

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