Thursday, 17 November 2016

Student-led conferences November 24th and November 25th

Families can begin to book conferences now. Please go to the below link to log in and book your conference. 

The format of a student-led conference encourages all family members to attend and participate. The purpose of this conference is to reflect on your child's growth and learning this term. These conferences are to be kept positive and constructive.  During the 20-30 minute conference period, your child will take an active role by showing you work samples and projects.  Many of our projects are in process as it is term 1. There are many learning experiences and benefits for your child that accompany this format including the following:  active participation in the learning process, increased self-confidence, development of leadership skills, organization, responsibility for their learning, communication and critical thinking skills. 

 Benefits for you as a family:  a longer conference time to gather information about your child's academic and social progress this year, the joy of seeing your child present information and projects they having been working on, plus hear from your child's teacher about the wonders of your child's progress.    

 There will be 3-5 families in the room at the same time.  Each family will choose a table and your child will begin their presentation, just to your family.  Having other families in the room, aside from being more efficient, still allows for each child to be more at ease and also duplicates the sense of community we feel every day by being with our learning friends. 

 I will rotate into each conference to discuss strengths and goals for your child, and to answer questions.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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