Saturday, 5 November 2016

Exciting Week in Room 41

A Powerful Couple of Weeks

We have had a busy couple weeks in Room 41. We began our polar bear study which is a study that connects multiple subject areas including social studies, science, art, writing and reading. We were able to have a Skype call to Churchill, Manitoba with researchers and scientists who were studying polar bears. We were also lucky enough to have the Manitoba artist, Kal Barteski come in to teach us about polar bears and how to do a continuous line drawing. It was interesting to meet a local artist that is making a difference in our world

Through this study we have begun learning how to read non fiction books about polar bears  and put what we have read into our own words. 

In Social Studies and Science we have been learning about animals and the land and habitats. We have been exploring the tundra near Churchill and the affects of Climate change on the Arctic, the animals and people who live there. We will begin to talk about why this matters for us and what we can do to help.

In math we have been working on patterns. We have been working on extending patterns, describing different types of patterns and predicting what comes next. We have been learning about how patterns connect to counting. Next we will be looking at increasing and decreasing patterns.

In mental math we have been working on making 10 in a variety of ways and we will be moving on how to apply this to our math facts. For example, if I know that 7+ 3 = 10 then 7+ 4= 11 because I could think 7+3+ 1
Next Wednesday, November 9th is our Remembrance Day Service at 11:00. Families are welcome to attend.
November 9th Scholastic is due. 
November 10th is an inservice Day.

November 11th there is no school due to Remebrance Day.

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