Friday, 27 October 2017

Busy Month of October!

Halloween is Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. We will be having a Halloween party.  Students are invited to dress up.  They can change into costumes after lunch. Please remember no play weapons should be brought to school. Thank you to families that have volunteered to bring  in a treat. Students can bring in a drink to have with their snack on that day.

October has been a very busy month  of learning.

Theme Studies
In theme studies  our focus has been our rights and responsibilities. We have been involved with a collaborative mural on our rights with Room 38. We  have been in the process of creating two Winnipeg-ish communities together.
We have been learning how our community meets our basic rights. We have also been talking about our "wants" versus our basic needs.

In math we have been working on the Think Addition strategy when solving our subtraction facts. So if we get a facts like 16-7= we can think ?+7=17.
We have also been practicing our doubles, doubles plus one and doubles plus 2 facts through games. 

We have been developing our understanding of patterns in math. Students are creating, extending and describing repeating patterns in a variety of ways. We  have begun to learn about increasing and decreasing
patterns in math. 

Reader's Workshop
We just finished a chapter book read aloud called The One and Only Ivan.  there were lots and lots of great discussions around the characters and lots of interesting discussion on the book.
We will be starting our new read aloud which we voted on called The Butterfly Lion.  Through these read alouds we are working on comprehension strategies for reading. We are also working on our ability to discuss books.

Students have also been working in small reading groups to set reading goals and share their reading.

Writer's Workshop
In writer's workshop we have been working on revising our writing ideas and expanding on our stories. We have also been working on editing our writing and publishing.  

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